Uni Lounge:

The CHSA runs the Uni Lounge as an open space for students to relax, connect and study. We provide free tea, coffee and food for you to enjoy, as well as access to fridges, microwaves and sandwich presses so you can make yourself something to eat with the food provided or what you bring from home.

This space is reserved for SCU students only, you will need your student card for access. This is a collective space, so please make sure you clean up after yourself. If you notice it needs attention, let one  of our friendly staff or committee members know.

Free food & Lunches:
We receive free food from the local branch of the charity OzHarvest. OzHarvest collects unused food from businesses around Coffs Harbour and redistributes it. The food varies from day to day, but can include bread, muffins, wraps, sandwiches and fruit and vegetables. Feel free to help yourself! If you’d like to know more about OzHarvest, check them out here. 

CHSA run regular free lunches throughout Semester 1 and 2. Check out the calendar for details on what’s coming up. Make sure you sign up to get SMS reminders so you don’t miss out!

Computer access:

The Uni Lounge has 8 computers available for use. You can log in with your Student login details. The computers all connect to the cheap printing facilities in the CHSA office.

We also have 2 more computers in the CHSA office.

Printing & Binding:

CHSA provides the cheapest printing on campus! Printing can be accessed from the computers in the CHSA office as well as the computers in the Uni Lounge. Make sure you select the Student Association printer from the dropdown menu!


Please ask our staff or committee members if you need assistance.

Printing Size  Sides Cost per page
Black and White: A4 Single sided 5c
A4 Double sided 10c
A3 Single sided 10c
A3 Double sided 20c
Colour A4 Single sided 30c
A4 Double sided 60c
A3 Single sided 60c
A3 Double sided $1.20
Small Bind Under 90 pages $3.40 + printing costs
Medium bind Under 180 pages $5.30 + printing costs
Large bind Above 180 pages $8.00 + printing costs
A4 $2
A3 $4

First Aid Courses

CHSA is pleased to offer subsidised First Aid and CPR Refresher courses for SCU students at $60 per student.

The First Aid course consists of an online theory section and a practical class. The theory component must be completed prior to the class time. Once you have completed your First Aid certificate, it is valid for 3 years, however you will need to complete a CPR refresher course every 12 months.

Booking First Aid

  • Get your USI number > HERE

    You will need to obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. Visit https://www.usi.gov.au/ and follow the prompts to create an account and get a number. You may already have a USI if you have previously done a First Aid course or a TAFE course. You can also recover lost USI numbers at the same website.

  • Buy Your Ticket > HERE

    Select your preferred class date from the Events calendar and purchase a ticket to reserve your spot. You will need your USI and student number to book in.

  • Get Your Token Code

    Once you have booked in and purchased your ticket you should receive an email within 48 hours that gives you instructions on completing the online component of the course. You will also be issued with a token code that allows you to access the course content without paying a further fee.

  • Complete Online Modules

    Follow the instructions to complete the online modules. Once you have completed all the quizzes at the end of each section you will be able to print off a Certificate of Completion. Please print this off and bring it along to your Practical Class.

  • Attend Class

    The classes are generally run out of the L Block Multipurpose Centre, however please refer to each date for actual location. Please arrive 10 minutes early so class can start on time. Classes usually run for 2 – 2.5 hours.

  • Get your certificate

    After you have completed your online theory and attended your practical class, you will be emailed a First Aid Certificate. Please note that the Certificates are issued by a third party provider and CHSA is not responsible for sending them out.

Booking CPR Refresher > HERE

If you have recently completed a First Aid course, you are required to do a CPR refresher every 12 months. First Aid courses are valid for 3 years. In order to book a CPR Refresher, please find a suitable course time on our Events calendar and purchase a ticket for $20.

Once you have attended your CPR Refresher Course, a Certificate will be issued and left at the CHSA Office for you to collect. Please note that the Certificates are issued by a third party provider. The CHSA is not responsible for the printing of the certificates and is not able to control how long the certificates take to arrive.

Terms and Conditions:

Please note that your course fee is non-refundable in the event that you fail to come to class and do not notify us of your intended absence. As we have to pay the instructors based on anticipated class numbers, we are not able to refund you or rebook you if we are not given prior notice.

If you wish to reschedule your booking for another date, please contact the CHSA office at least 48 hours prior to your reserved class time. We are happy to move you to another available class time.