How to stay motivated when studying from home

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With the recent Covid-19 outbreak most of you will be studying from home right now. This can be challenging to say the least! Just getting motivated to sit at our desks and start something is hard when we’re in our home environment, surrounded by all those distractions! We have come up with some tips to help you stay on track for this session.


Get ready as per usual

This sounds a little funny, why would you get out of you PJ’s when you don’t have to?! Well the answer is, keeping a normal routine like showering, dressing and having a “class start time” helps to kick start your brain into “study mode”.


Makeover your study space

If you have a nice space to study in you will be more likely to use it. Natural light is a winner, as is having it well organised. It’s also super important that you find a quiet space away from the rest of the family so you won’t be distracted. Maybe even make a sign to hang on the door “Studying, do not disturb!” Consider noise cancelling headphones too if you have a particularly loud household.

Make a study schedule

By nature, we’re creatures of habit. Having a study schedule has so many befits. Firstly, it helps ensure that you evenly study each unit instead of just what you find the most interesting! And it also helps you to break down what you need to get done each day. By prioritising the most urgent to the least urgent, you will get so much more achieved.

Turn off SM!!

There is no bigger side tracking tool than social media. To have a productive study session, turn off Facebook chat and any other social media that’s going to distract you. The time lost isn’t just in the chatting, it’s the constant mental interruption that will drain your motivation and distract you from your study materials

Limit you screen time

Spending hours sitting in front of a computer isn’t great for you. It’s bad for your eyes, your posture and your concentration. But unfortunately, it’s unavoidable when studying! So try to only do what’s necessary on your computer.

If you have some printed materials sit outside and read them instead of reading them off the screen and in your free time go for a walk instead of online shopping. Limiting your screen time can also help your sleep and you’re bound to study better if you’ve had a good night’s sleep!

We hope some of these tips help you to study more efficiently and stay motivated. If you have any winning tips that motivate you, we would love to hear them! Email to . And just remember, studying isn’t always easy, but you’ve totally got this!